Thursday, February 25, 2010

X Marks the Spot

This week marked the first week of X... as in P90... on the plan this week we've got YogaX, AbRipperX, XStretch and next week, PlyometricsX, YogaX, & AbRipperX.

What does the X stand for? eXtreme.  The most extreme so far? YogaX.  Wow! Incredibly difficult... so much so that I wonder, will I ever be able to do some of these moves?  It's an hour and a half of crazy positions.  The first 45 minutes are long and difficult.  The last 45 min is a reprieve but still very difficult.

Next Ab Ripper X.  Now I LOVE working out my abs... however my lower abs leave much to be desired.  These exercises were hard and I enjoyed all but two... the two of course that were most difficult and I was lucky to do a few reps.  Throughout this 16 minute workout... you do 329 ab related reps whether they are crunches, situps, whatever.  LOVE IT!

X Stretch is 1 hour of intense stretching... something I REALLY need.  It feels almost like Yoga X without the balance work.  So far I've done this one twice and am enjoying it more each day!  I've got it again today...  I'm guessing these stretches will become part of my regular post-ride/post-workout routine.  With all the training we've been doing the pup has felt a bit neglected... so last night he decided to help me do some X Stretch!!

Thanks to these exercises, more swimming, some running, lots of cycling, regular visits to Eastside Chiro... and lots more protein in my diet, I'm feeling better and definitely more flexible already.  Bring on the Greenville Spring Training Series this weekend!  Saturday at Fork Shoals and Sunday back at Donaldson.



  1. I already can't wait to see your new haircut tonight. Looks like you got a good bit cutoff.

    That P90X series is NO JOKE!! I am back to the nice, feel good yoga. Only once this week though :)

    Poooorrrr Jake!

  2. Wow, that looks awesome! I want to try it!