Saturday, February 6, 2010

The longest day...

I've had longer days... actually not that long ago I had trully long days that didn't seem to end (October P3C3 ride)... However today ranks right up there with some of the longest...

It started with a 6 am alarm... which quickly became a 6:30 alarm.  That one could not be ignored.  Exactly 1 hour from this point I needed to be on my way out the door and headed to a 2 hour trainer class... In that hour I needed to eat, prep, make post class snack, pack car, play w/ the pup, and wake up, not necessarily in that order.  Alas - made it out the door at 7:31 (w/o forgetting bike and trainer... but still forgetting other items).

Trainer class was good... until my trainer (bike trainer not human trainer) decided it wanted to play with me... How so? Well... say you're doing a 1 minute sprint... in the big ring, but easy gear... and all of the sudden you can't pedal b/c the trainer has decided to be temperamental... Then my hip/lower back started to bother me (I'm seeing a wonderful chiropractor for this).  Alas after some stretching and a break... back on the bike to finish the two hours of solid "pyramid intervals"

Then hit one of my great sponsors, Carolina Triathlon, to grab some goggles and a swimsuit for my new training plan which arrived last night (go figure the plan had "pyramid intervals" trainer class on it).  Aside: I've got to swim 400 yards Monday morning... and do a yoga class before work... the yoga I know is 1 hour... I've NO clue how long the 400 yards will take me... I'm guessing more than 30 min!

Next it was on to a local gym for my cycling team's "bonding" session in the rain... aka: another spin class... 1 1/2 hours later we headed to grab a bite at the best pizza joint in downtown Greenville (not to be confused w/ the best pizza joint in Greenville).

1 Jerk Chicken Salad (& 1 jerk waiter) later I'm headed home... By this time I'm exhausted but still have too much on my plate... the hubby and I were suppose to clean house today and run errands... We decided to leave the cleaning to another weekend and run errands.  WRONG ANSWER! Why?  Not because the house was more in need (which it is)... but because the traffic at 3 o'clock on this Saturday... was like the Saturday before Christmas.  Can anyone on Earth explain to me why the entire town was out shopping and driving poorly?  Seriously... I want to know how I missed this memo!

We hit Michael's (thing 1 - check).  Went to Performance Fuel only to find it only operates online now (things 2 - 6 - no check)... Went to Green's only to find the parking lot too full so we didn't bother (thing 7 - no check)... Hit The Great Escape to place a couple orders for the hubby (things 8 & 9 - check)... and where, on a whim I picked up this wonderful cap:
non-thing on list - CHECK!

Then back to Carolina Triathlon to return previously purchased swimsuit to get one that actually fits (thing 11 - check)

On to grocery store to get dinner and make up for Greene's (thing 10 - check, non-things - 11-15 check)

Walgreen's for the kinds of stuff you get at Walgreen's... then... finally...HOME SWEET HOME!

However at this point... it's after 4 o'clock... and I need to start prepping for dinner.

But... perhaps this whole day was worth the dinner... it started out with an 8 bone rack of lamb, organic red baby potatoes, some fresh rosemary from our backyard, some EVOO, salt, pepper, rice wine vinegar, shallots... A little searing and roasting later and... VOILA:

Throw in a movie (british comedy) and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from The Fresh Market... and you my friends have a long long very long day...

More to come on: Friday night's dinner, the new scale (insert scary scream here) and riding in the Great Outdoors...

For now... good night and good riddance!!

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  1. Hey Nice hat Nikki! I agree with you. I went to watch a movie at Hollywood 20 at 4pm yesterday - the traffic was horrible.