Monday, February 15, 2010


The weekend plans:
Friday - V-day getaway w/ the hubby 
Saturday -  30 mile ride + 10 min run
Sunday -  Heritage Park Loop or similar (55 miles 17+ mph avg).

The weekend actuals:
Friday night - The hubby and I had a great evening... We didn't win the ticket lottery for Wicked but I'm kind of glad.  Instead we were able to have a relaxing evening... with the backdrop of snow falling.  It made for a very romantic setting downtown. We took our time at dinner, snacking on various plates while enjoying a Malbec we've never had before.  After desert we headed back to the hotel for some night caps while listening to the piano player...  Enjoyed the pleasure that is "Hotel Showers" (<-- long and hot!!!) and then passed out while watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics... It was glorious!

Deserts: Tiramisu & Banana Bread Pudding

Saturday - We woke up to clear skies and a white winter wonderland outside!  We took our time leaving by enjoying some breakfast in bed (room service)... then headed home in the snow and ice.  The pup was so excited to see us that we changed immediatley into snow friendly clothes and proceeded to play with him outside for at least an hour.
 Now that's one happy puppy!!

With the multiple inches of snow, we were torn between riding outside or on the trainer... but the sun was shining so bright that by noon the roads were already drying up.  We ventured out to Donaldson to ride some loops then run.  A number of friends joined us in the cold windy sunshine... After about 1 1/3 laps I was dropped and finished up the remaining laps in some pretty crazy wind... But who cares... I was riding my bike outside!!  The run after the ride made this my first ever brick.  My legs felt good but I could definitely notice the lack of nutrition prior to exercise (let's just say we forgot to eat lunch).

Sunday - Saturday night the hubby and I were guilted into riding the Great Escape Spartanburg ride which had been delayed to Sunday due to the snow.  We were pretty tired Sunday morning and as the skies became increasingly grayer... our enthusiasm wained even further.  However we sucked it up and ended up having a great ride.  It started off rather hairy as a couple riders went down... but once we split up a bit... (and the sun actually did peek through a couple times) it was wonderful.  We ended up with many friends in our group... we knew each other's tendencies... and had a safe and fun ride the rest of the way.  Averaged 17.3 in close to 41 miles...
One of our many beautiful views from the ride:  

Note from Sunday's ride: Lately I've been working very hard on bridging.  For those non-cyclists: the art of bridging... or chasing... is jumping out of the main riding group to catch up with a rider/group further ahead... thus bridging the gap.  This ride... I did it multiple times... especially when I'd get stuck behind a rider I didn't know... and some of the faster guys had a gap on us.  Toward the end of the ride the hubby, Legs, and Perry had formed a small gap on the main group... I thought myself absolutely crazy but decided to bridge anyway.  I kept telling myself that I could make it if I could just make it to the back wheel... I got there and they kept pounding it out... I knew eventually they'd back off... and they did!  And I was right there with them... That is... until they kicked it again a few seconds later... but the hubby and I still hung together.  I knew I was making real progress after that bridge!

So... put this one in the record books folks... our first weekend in 2010 where we rode outside twice!!

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  1. Stoked to hear you had a great ride on Sunday. Good job keeping up with Leggs and Perry and your man.