Thursday, February 4, 2010

First things first...

This new training plan hasn't even started and I'm out there buying products trying to keep this economy afloat!  "Like what?" you ask...

Well... it all started a couple weeks ago when the hubby and I were reading our latest copy of Outside and lo and behold there was an article on the best diets (not so much lose weight diets, but overall daily nutrition) for athletes (see article here).  The Mediterranean Prescription ended up working the best and we decided to try out the book, mainly for it's recipes.

Next another couple we know ordered a recipe book for athletes called, The Athlete's Palate.  They raved about it to the point where we decided it was a must have... and decided to get that as well.

At the same time one of my team sponsors, Greg Spindler, advised each of us to purchase a book he just finished, "Racing Weight". So, it was added to the same order:

I've since cooked recipes from the books: Chicken Cacciatore (Mediterranean Prescription) & Marathon Fettucine w/ Fire Roasted Tomatoes & Shrimp (The Athletes Palate) that the hubby loved. And this week I started reading, "Racing Weight"... and decided we need a scale that not only reads weight, but body fat%... and can store at least 2 profiles.

After searching the web yesterday I ordered the Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor.

So, thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, this bad boy arrives tomorrow and I'll get to check out my weight, body fat %, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle %, resting metabolism, body age, body mass index. The reviews have varied but for the price I think it will do the trick.  Even if the numbers are a little off, I'm looking for consistency (or consistent decreases) when it comes to Body Fat & Weight.

At least I've got a start w/ some good recipes, a good nutrition guide, some measurement tools... and my regular rides and workouts while I wait for my training plan to arrive.

Special note - last night's typical run was switched to a kick-butt Indoor TT (check out GottaRun's post about it or Yummy Noms) at the Greenville Cycling Center supporting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  I came in 4th... 1 second behind my rock star team manager Kelly, and 1 minute behind the hubby... not a bad start.  I'll be interested to try this course again at the end of the summer...

Until then... I've got a trainer calling my name tonight, maybe a run tomorrow, and hopefully some riding this weekend. Cheers!!


  1. Nice - let me know what you think of that scale - that looks hard core! Also the cookbooks - Have been looking for healthy recipes. You recommend these?

  2. I'll definitely post an update re the scale... as well as the recipes as we continue to try new ones. Typically we used our Williams Sonoma cookbooks... But these are our "Shiney New Toys" :-)

  3. YAY on getting all the neato stuff -- including The Athlete's Palate. I hope you guys will like it as much as we have so far. I'm on week 3 of incorporating at least 2 recipes into our menu for the week. and Josh made the flourless chocolate cake recipe the other night and it's delicious, too!