Friday, February 12, 2010

First Week

Well, the first week of the new training plan is over.  Only missed Monday's run due to injury... but the rest were completed.  My thoughts by day:

Saturday Feb 6th - Awesome pyramid intervals for 2 hours with Jeni @Roadwaves ... then got stupid and actually tried to ride hard during my team's spin class...

Sunday Feb 7th - Awesome 55 miles on Heritage Park Loop.  Never hit the wall and worked hard on my bridging to other riders.  However, had problems walking due to left hamstring afterward

Monday Feb 8th - Still problems walking but was able to do the 400 yd swim & yoga class... Got really pissed off about 2 things - my hamstring preventing me from running & how bad I am at yoga

Tuesday Feb 9th - Off.  Massage was great and helped. Leg (and everything else) is feeling better

Wednesday Feb 10th - 4-5 Mile Tempo Run was okay.  Apparently I did it wrong, which was a bit frustrating... and because I had to rush off to a conference call, I didn't have time to stretch afterward <-- That will NEVER happen again!

Thursday Feb 11th - Trainer class at Ride On - crazy intervals w/ Jeni again... my legs and hip flexors were burning (see Wed's entry) but I can feel my cadence picking up on the sprints... Yay!

Friday Feb 12th - swim 4 x 200s w/ 1 minute breaks in between <-- First - this was the longest distance I've ever swam in a pool... and I actually liked it!  Read up on some tips for triathlon swimming online and they were a tremendous help today in the water... *Note to self: only focus on improving one thing at a time... 5 "new" things at once can be distracting! Yoga was a little better today.  The instructor had to help me with almost every position but I still could barely do anything. Instead of this:

 I look like this:

So what did I learn:
1- Swimming isn't so bad... I may even learn to like it!

2 - I officially DISLIKE yoga... mainly b/c I REALLY suck at it... which also means it is in NO way relaxing.  There must be another way to work on my flexibility and core!?!?!?!? Or perhaps I need to do yoga more often? I'm at a loss here.  But that class definitely ripped out the happy feeling inside of me from my swim and turned me into a frustrated pill to kick off the weekend.

And there my friends we have... the first week.  In honor of it... and because it's Valentine's Day Weekend... the hubby and I are headed to a semi-getaway!  Well, I'm not even sure you can call it "semi".  We are staying the night at the Westin Poinsett (on points), going out to dinner at Stellar Restaurant & Wine Bar, hopefully catch a show at the Peace Center (Wicked), maybe drinks afterward.... We'll sleep in tomorrow morning, enjoy breakfast in bed... and late morning head out to Donaldson for a fun 30 miles followed by a short run.

Hopefully the idea of what's to come at the end of this workday will bring me out of my funk...

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Great first week! Swimming is awesome once you get used to it. Gotta find some good goggles!

  2. nice post Nikki! glad you're enjoying it!

  3. funk BE GONE!! I would say that was a great week. Give the Yoga some will learn to relax and love it.

    FTC...countdown. Now that should make you want to work out even harder this week.

  4. Way to get that hami better and kick butt on your first training week!

    I agree w/Robin. Yoga takes a long time to settle into. I always wondered why my instructors would say, "I've been 'practicing' yoga for X # of years." After doing it for about 3 years now for myself, I understand the choice of the word 'practicing.' It takes time to build the strength and flexibility, and because I don't get to go as much as I like, I still find myself frustrated sometimes.