Friday, February 19, 2010


This has been a great week of workouts... All leading up to the first weekend of racing at the Greenville Spring Training Series.

We started with a swim workout Monday morning and then Kettlebell Class Monday night.  You've probably seen them use kettlebells on the Biggest Loser... Wow!  If you've never used them before... try it!  I started with a 15 pound weight... wow... thought it would be easy but it wasn't. 

Tuesday morning - the hubby and I could barely walk!  I ping'd coach and she told me (in nicer words) to stop whining and "stick to the plan!"

Wednesday was more of the same... still had problems standing up and sitting down. But the swim helped as did that night's kettlebell class.  Walking still wasn't fun, but it was doable!

Thursday I headed out to Donaldson Center to pre-ride the race course with my teammate Robin, the hubby, and some other friends!  Got in two laps averaging 18.2 and felt pretty comfortable w/ the course.

Today - rest day... Yoga (I actually enjoyed it)... It's been a looong work day and I'm ready to be done.  First... a run with the hubby, some dinner with friends (many of whom will be racing tomorrow)... then off to dream land for a kick butt night's sleep before the race tomorrow morning.

All this training is in preparation for race season.  Now I'm not trying to go out there and win the races in the Spring Training Series... I've got many goals that come along later in the season.  This series - I just want to get back into racing form, finish each race, have some fun, and maybe have a few good finishes.

If you can, stop by Donaldson Center Saturday by 9 to catch the Men's Cat5 & Women's races.  There will be races all day... so if you can't make ours, come on out to support the other people racing later in the day.

Sunday - we race at the BMW Performance Driving Center at 1:45.  Be there!  Should be a blast and you can see the entire course.

Hopefully I'll have something good to report on after this weekend!  Go GHS Every Woman!!

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