Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking back

One year ago the hubby & I were riding in a Saturday morning shop ride out at the old Carolina Triathlon on Woodruff Rd (now Ride On)... Riding with the B group I was in my normal position... at the back of the front 10 riders... but ahead of the rear riders... always working to bridge up.  At the end of the ride I met one of the ladies who had stayed with the front group... she said they were starting a women's team and asked if I wanted to be on it... Me? A rider of 3 months join a team??  The key was could I do it while traveling? Would I be able to keep up with them while only training on the weekends?? I said yes, we exchanged emails & numbers... and I went through the application process, was accepted, and thanks to that morning ride... one year later I'm a different rider.

The person I met that day would go on to be my new team manager and friend!  I was accepted onto the GHS Every Woman Cycling Team... which would be a way for me to really grow in cycling and meet new people in Greenville.  While we were enjoying cycling... this new team gave both the hubby and I an in with the cycling culture here in Greenville.  It gave me people to call up at a moment's notice to ride... especially with my crazy schedule... over this past year I was never at a loss for people to ride with on a Friday afternoon...  It gave me a team of people who were striving for the same goals and trying to be better human beings.

Since that day I've clocked countless hours on my bike, never been left behind on a ride, rode farther and longer than I ever have... and had more fun that I could ever have imagined.  I am so thankful to the ladies of GHS Every Woman for taking me in and making both the hubby and I a part of Greenville's wonderful cycling community


  1. I so want to go cycling soon with you and Jess. I need some lessons! You are such an inspiration.

  2. I'm w/Melissa... you are really an inspiration! Had you not talked me into trying road cycling, I wouldn't be doing what I do now. I probably wouldn't have even tried just based on a bunch of dudes telling me that I should try it... having a fellow female recommend it was enough for me! You and your team members set a great example for women in this area who want to ride, as well as to work toward and achieve their goals. I am proud of what you've done and what you're doing... and can't wait to see you rock out the races and tri goals. Love ya, girl!

    And yes, Melissa... get your butt down here and ride w/us SOON! :)